Hotel Management Software

Hotel Management Software

Royals Soft’s Hotel Management Software is completely customizable to fit your business. Our implementation professionals will work with you to ensure a perfect fit between your business solutions. The software provides effortless processes with fast and reliable access to crucial information. Seamless integration with the front and back office management systems provide the hotel chain organization a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution.


Benefits of using handheld order taking system in Restaurants The Hotel and Restaurant Industry has always understood the benefits of using a hand held order taking system to bring operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased table turn over rates. However cost of hand held devices/PDA have been prohibitive and the industry continued with pen and paper (KOT Books) until now. With the introduction of inexpensive android based tablets the restaurant industry has started embracing hand held order taking systems. KOT books and pen and paper will soon be history when it comes to restaurant order taking.

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