School Management Software

School Management Software

Our Royals Soft’s Designers School management software is designed to simplify academic, administrative and financial management in schools. The desktop application help schools streamline different processes by offering a range of modules to make it is very easy for schools to function and operate without increasing their overheads. Each module are designed keeping different activities in mind and this makes our Kovai Software Services Designers school management software extremely comprehensive, covering areas, such as admission, attendance, examinations and evaluations, very accurately.


Student Information

All academic elements and non-academic elements can be stored and tracked here. It allows the school to monitor student performance, fees payable, disciplinary actions and even medical history.

Advantages to Teachers and Student

  • Online Student Attendance and easier to keep attendance record
  • Easier to make interaction between Students-Teachers, Parents-Teachers
  • Improvement in Organizational Structuring of Schools.
  • Online Work/Particular Task Submission and Maintenance
  • Keep Updated with Prior information about School Events, Holidays, and Examination Schedules.

Administrative management

Admission management is one of the most important administrative tasks undertaken by school. Majority of schools this management is labor intensive and inefficient. When our module is used, it makes a web based procedure which is user friendly and helps to streamline the admission process. Student data can be stored offline and online in a customized format. The software allows the school to assign roll numbers, issue ID cards and complete all formalities for admission effortlessly. It allows the admission team to work proficiently and productively, while allowing schools authorities to track student’s data seamlessly.


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